10 Things You NEED Track in Your Bullet Journal!

Do you habit track in your bullet journal? If you don't, you need to be! Habit trackers can help you visualize what is going on in your life and help you make those changes you desperately are looking for. #bulletjournal #bujo #selfcare #habittracker

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While there are so many things you can make your bullet journal do for you, habit tracking is a great way to see trends in how you are living your life. It's a great way to see how well you are doing in areas while also seeing where you need some improvement. 

When I first started to bullet journal, I really didn't see a need in habit tracking for myself. "My life is completely fine and who has time for that anyway??" But now, I see how it really helps me figure out where I am lacking or need some improvement on an area of my life. Here are 10 examples of things you can track in your bullet journal (or planner!)



A mood tracker can be very beneficial in helping you notice patterns in how you feel day to day. Many mood trackers will either be month to month or the year as a whole. I have mine set up month to month right now, but switching to a yearly view is intriguing to me.



While my FitBit (that I absolutely love!!!) tracks my sleep electronically and I can view it on my phone, I love having the physical visualization of what my sleep patterns look like. It's been really helpful for me to see how much sleep I really get night to night. Even though there are times where I think I'm getting plenty of rest, I'm really not when you look at it on paper.


Water Intake

This is another area where it's easy to think you're drinking enough water through the day, only to look at the trend and you are way below what you should be. Water is so important for health, weight loss, etc. that it's a really good idea to keep track of if you aren't quite meeting your goals. It can be very eye opening!


Habit tracking is a great way to visualize what is going on in your life! Tracking books I want to read helps me not feel overwhelmed trying to remember what I wanted to read next! #bulletjournal #habittracker #productivity #planning

Books to Read

If you're a book lover, tracking what books you've read and want to read is a great way to keep your reading life organized. As a bookworm, I have so many books that I want to read. But if I don't keep a list, I forget about some and then months later go "oh man, I've been wanting to read that!". Having a tracker for books is a great way to visually see what's next on your book reading list!



If you or someone in your family has health issues, tracking how you feel day to day can be super helpful in noticing any trends with what is going on in your life and how it's effecting your health. 



As a SAHM with a tight budget, this is a huge one for me. While many people use an online tracking system like mint.com, I really like to see everything on paper. I love using technology, but let's face it. It sucks sometimes and doesn't always work. Tracking our finances from month to month in my bullet journal is always readily available for me to take a look at when needed.


Meal Plans

I love to keep track of our meals in my bullet journal. We eat the majority of our meals at home and when I'm not tracking what we are having week to week, monotony can set in and we end up eating the same meals over and over and over again. Keeping track of what we are eating not only helps me make sure we are spicing things up a little, it helps me be more creative with our meals as well. 

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Weight Loss

As moms, we are often trying to lose weight, especially after babies. While I've only been weighing in once a month, keeping track of it in my bullet journal helps me see how far I've come and how much further I have to go. It's a great motivator for me to see it on paper.



Oh man. Without my birthday tracker in my bullet journal, a lot of birthday's would go forgotten! It's hard to keep track in my brain of everyone's birthdays, so keeping them all in one place makes my life that much easier. Then, when I start a new month, I can just transfer over each birthday onto my monthly calendar.



This is a great one, in my opinion. Setting goals, whether daily, weekly, monthly or yearly, can really help you stay on track to meeting them more easily. While goals change over time, it's a great way to help you look at your list of goals and see how you are coming on meeting them.

Habit tracking can be an excellent way to visually see what is going on in your life. Tracking your habits can also help you see what areas of life you need to work on or need help with! #bulletjournal #habittracker #selfcare



What are your favorite things to track in your bullet journal/planner? Let me know in the comments!



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