4 Reasons SAHM's Should Get Dressed EVERY Morning!



Ok mom's, let’s be real for a second… How many mornings have you trudged out of bed and stayed in your t-shirt and yoga pants all day? I mean for real now. I’ll wait while you contemplate lying to me or not. Lol, kidding.

But seriously. It’s soooo tempting every day that I don’t have errands to run to just stay in my t-shirt and yoga pants all day. Because, c’mon. Yoga pants are a mama’s best friend!

But you know what I’ve learned? Every day I get up and get dressed, I GET STUFF DONE! And I’m not talking about the daily stuff I have to do anyway. I’m talking everything I’ve put off doing for forever (unless of course the children are on a rampage and won’t let me do all the things! You know what days I’m talking about!).

This morning I got dressed and the tiny humans dressed after breakfast. I have been able to do 2 loads of laundry, keep up with all the dishes (that I currently have to hand wash because our new house has no dishwasher and it is not something on the top of our list to fix at the moment. Ugh), make hard-boiled eggs and get yogurt started in the Instant Pot, take the tiny humans to eat lunch with my dad and brother on their lunch break, make homemade granola, do more dishes, sweep the living areas of the house, and sit down to write 2 blog posts. And all by 3 pm.

It's so easy to stay in a t-shirt and yoga pants or leggings everyday when you're a SAHM. Especially if you don't have to be anywhere that day. BUT... Here's 4 reasons why I think SAHM's should get dressed every morning! #sahm


It can make you feel refreshed and ready to take on the day

Getting dressed in the morning literally makes me feel like Cinderella when the nature animals come and help her get dressed. Without the help, unless you want to count Tiny Human #1 rummaging around and Tiny Human #2 emptying my underwear drawer onto the floor.

But I digress. It’s something about new clothes in the morning (even if it’s a new t-shirt and jeans!) that changes my mood. I feel less sluggish and ready to take on the day. And who doesn't want to get more done? I know I do!


When Mommy feels good, the kids feel good

Is it just me, or do the kids act so much better when mommy is in a good mood? I know in our house, if I’m grumpy, the kids are grumpy. Which makes mommy more grumpy. Which is not good for anyone.

When I stay in my yoga pants all day, I don’t always feel like the best me. Except on those rainy, gloomy days when we all stay in our pj’s and its glorious! In fact, I feel a bit frumpy.

Frumpiness is for the birds. When you don't feel good about you, you're probably less able to not only do what you need to do, but have less patience to be mommy.


You can get more accomplished

Sometimes when I stay in my yoga pants with my hair in a messy bun and an old beat up t-shirt, I am WAY less likely to take the trash outside or walk to the mailbox, or even take the kids outside to play. Lord help me if anyone sees me like this!

But when I get dressed in the morning, I don’t think twice about these things and just do what I need to do! I can go outside to do something without wondering what the neighbor across the street thinks.


It keeps me moving

For real, though. Chances are, if I stay in my yoga pants, I am soooo much more likely to plop down on the couch and “rest” for a minute (or 30!) than if I’m in my not as comfortable jeans.

For me, it’s just not as comfortable to lounge around in my jeans. If I’m dressed, I don’t feel like lounging around as much which gives me more time to get stuff done and dinner on the table.


What does getting dressed in the morning do for you? If you enjoyed this post, be sure to share it!