Boost Your Blog Traffic With Pinterest Ninja!

Are you struggling to get people to click through to your blog from Pinterest? Are you ready to take your Pinterest game up a notch? Check out how Pinterest Ninja is helping me reach my goals as a blogger!  #pinterestninja   #blogging   #bloggingtips   #affiliatemarketing   #momblog


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Y'all... Blogging is hard and it can be a puzzle to increase blog traffic. There's so much that goes into it behind the scenes. Blog Traffic Analytics, SEO, Pinnable Images, Social Networking, Email Lists. When I first got started last spring, I honestly had no earthly idea what I was really doing. I read a ton of blog posts about starting a blog, researched hosting companies and settled on SiteGround, wrote my first post, and bam! I was now a blogger.

But people don't magically just start coming to read your blog. There is SOO much promotion involved. Over the last year, I've read post after post, been apart of Facebook Groups, pinned to Pinterest like my life depended on it.

No matter what I did, my blog views were just kind of stuck in the same place. I knew I needed to increase my blog traffic, but it's so hard to put money into the blog when you aren't really making any money with it. In December, I was FINALLY able to hit the payment threshold with Adsense and get payment. It was then I decided to actually put some money into the blog.



Enter Pinterest Ninja

I had followed Megan Johnson of LoveFamilyHealth and had probably read every blog post she has on blogging. Not going to lie. Lol. She has a course called Pinterest Ninja and I had seen so many blog posts about how much her course had helped others and their blogs. I reeled it over in my head for about a week and decided to go ahead and purchase the course, as it was on sale at the time. And this money saving mama couldn't pass up a sale!

I bought the course on a Friday, and by late that night, I had read through the entire thing, taking notes and all! I immediately got to work implementing some of the tactics in the ebook. By just a couple of days later, my blog views had doubled and my Pinterest engagement was through the roof!



The arrow shows the day I bought Pinterest Ninja. February 1-6 is circled. My pageviews dropped down again, but I was playing around with Tailwind to figure out what schedule really worked best for me. But as you can see, once I found my sweet spot, my pageviews went back up and are continuing to climb!


In my Pinterest Analytics, you can see with the red arrow where I started implementing things I learned in Pinterest Ninja. I have a corresponding dip in traffic over a few days (circled in red) as you saw in my Google Analytics, but again, that's where I was playing around with Tailwind. Prior to Pinterest Ninja, my average daily impressions were fairly steady between 6,000-11,000. But now my daily impressions have been 20,000-30,000! This has also brought in a lot more traffic for me as well!


I'm super excited for where I'll go from here!

My Pinterest conversion rates have skyrocketed, which means people are not only re-pinning my pins, but are clicking through to my website as well! You can have all the re-pins in the world, but if people aren't clicking through to your site, you need to rethink your Pinterest game.

New blogger. Seasoned blogger. Doesn't matter. If you need help getting your Pinterest Game at the next level, SERIOUSLY consider getting Pinterest Ninja. I have not been disappointed!

I've also been really happy with Tailwind. While I still manual pin at least 1 time a day during my peak hours on Pinterest, Tailwind has taken a TON off my plate. I was manual pinning prior to this and while I had decent success, there were days it just wasn't happening and my views would plummet! If you haven't tried Tailwind yet, you need to check it out!




We all felt the impact of the summer slump and the new changes to Pinterest in 2018. Pinterest Ninja comes with free updates and I wasn't able to go through the latest one when it first came out. But I finally got around to it over the Labor Day weekend, finishing up on the 2nd. And guess what?!

My Pinterest impressions and analytics went back up after months of low numbers! I'm kicking myself for not going through the update sooner, but with summer, family time and trips, I didn't get to work on the blog as much as I would have liked. With the Pinterest Ninja update and Tailwind, my numbers are finally seeing an uptick after the summer slump!



How is your blogging journey going? Do you need serious help with getting noticed on Pinterest? Be sure to check out Megan at LoveFamilyHealth and invest in Pinterest Ninja today!