Our Choice to Homeschool


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Our 4 year old will be "preschool" age in the fall of 2017. We have contemplated and prayed for a while now what we would do for our children's schooling. Public? Private? Homeschool? We ultimately chose to homeschool our children.  

Our Choice to Homeschool


I was a public school kid

Both my husband and I were in public school growing up. My husband is now a public school educator, as are his dad and brother. I don't think I knew anyone that was homeschooled until I went to college.

I never had anything against homeschooling, as I didn't know much about it. Public school was my norm and I never thought about my eventual kids doing anything else.


But then we had our first child

Our first was born in 2013 and it wasn't until he was 2 and people I knew were already asking me what preschool he was going to go to that I even started to think about what type of schooling we would do for our family.

Immediately, I thought of private school. Our son was in daycare at the time and he had such a hard time when his class sizes started to increase. Looking into private school in the large city we were living in was ridiculously expensive.

My brother in law and sister in law homeschool and it sparked my interest. Then I started to find out many other families we knew or were acquainted with were also homeschooling.


So we are taking the plunge

In the end, we decided on using Classical Conversations (you can view their website here). Our "preschool" year will mostly consist of phonics, early math, and writing skills but we are incorporating their curriculum as well.

We probably won't go as in depth with the curriculum this cycle, but I know our 4 year old will be very interested in a ton of it. Part of choosing Classical Conversations for us was the community aspect. Our son likes small groups much better and their "class" sizes are around 8 kids.

The beauty of homeschooling is that we can try a curriculum and if it's not a good fit, we can try something else. I love that I can tailor our children's education to their specific needs, especially having a child that has certain special needs.

Another draw to Classical Conversations for us was that our kids could still participate in a "school day" and have a means of learning from others and having community.


Not one method is best for everyone

Now, all that being said, I think that whatever schooling you choose for your child can work out. I was public schooled and it worked well for me. I know people who were private schooled and it was a good fit for them. Others were homeschooled and that worked out just as well.

Choosing a schooling method for your child is just that. A choice. We have chosen to homeschool. I have friends who send their kids to public school and private school. But in the end, it is personal preference and conviction. Just like any other part of parenting, you choose what you believe is best for your own children and go from there.


Have you chosen homeschooling? How has it worked out for your family?