Encouragement for the Introverted SAHM



When you're an introverted mom, life can be hard. But when you're introverted and stay home with your kids, things can get interesting. Here's a little encouragement for you introverted SAHM's. #introvertedmom #sahm

I'm an Introverted SAHM

I love staying home with my boys more than I ever thought I would. I left a pretty demanding job as a registered nurse in a very difficult field that I loved and didn't know how this staying home thing was going to work.

My biggest obstacle has been my introverted nature. You can read all day long about these SAHM's that are a part of every group available. Not this mommy. One activity outside the house no more than 3 times a week or I get overstimulated. Large groups stink. I can't do it. And neither can my almost 4 year old.

Mommy needs her downtime though. Some days, I don't get that until the kids are in bed and my husband is in the shower getting ready for bed.

I know I need more sleep, but the thought of getting everyone in bed, cleaning up and then going straight to bed myself is not appealing. Like at all. I need at least 15-30 minutes, depending on the kind of day I've had with the kids, to just decompress, by myself, without anyone needing me or needing to do anything for anyone. And that's ok.

It's ok to say no when you have 3 different friends asking you to do things with them 3 days in a row. True friends will understand that and not be offended. It's ok to go to bed 30 minutes later so you can watch a show on Netflix uninterrupted and decompress. It's ok to have the kids play in their rooms for 20 minutes so you can unwind your mind. But, remember, all in moderation.

Because it truly does take a village to raise these tiny humans. Say yes sometimes too. Say yes to the movie with a girlfriend on a Saturday afternoon while the kids stay with your husband or their grandparents. Take the kids to the park even though you just got out of the house yesterday. Do something at least semi-social every now and then. We need other people, as much as we don't want to engage sometimes.

Hang in there mama. It's hard doing this mom thing all while being overstimulated by the world.


But, we've got this