Finding Motivation in Homemaking

I don’t know about you, but sometimes it’s extremely difficult for me to find motivation and joy in my homemaking. But finding inspiration to keep you going is essential! #sahm #wahm #homemaker #homemaking #motivation

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I don’t know about you, but sometimes it’s extremely difficult for me to find motivation and joy in my homemaking. While I wear a lot of hats around our home, homemaking is one that I feel like I always need work on. Everyone tells me the homemaking slides when you have small children. And while I totally believe that, I’d like for my house to not look like it has been hit by a tornado either.


Sometimes we need motivation in homemaking

Being motivated as a stay at home mom can be hard. We are always being pulled in so many different directions that it’s not easy to juggle everything. While my husband does help around the house when he can, he is away from home about 11 hours every day during the week.

Most of the housework falls on me and that’s totally fine. I’m here. Yes, I have 2 kids, homeschool and run a blog, but I’m here in the mix day in and day out. And sometimes that monotony kills my motivation.


It’s my job

As stay at home moms, we tend to forget that while we don’t work outside of the home with fellow employees and a boss watching our productivity, we still are working. When I worked outside of the home, no I didn’t have to clean as much because we were hardly home during the week and I paid someone else to watch my child for me.

Now it all falls on me. It’s still work, trust me. Some days, I feel like I do more during the day than I did when I was a full-time registered nurse! (Other days, nursing was a lot harder!)


Switching focus

I’ve had to change my focus to stay motivated when it comes to homemaking. Keeping a daily to-do list in my bullet journal (click here to see how to get started!) has helped tremendously! Either the night before or in the morning, I do a mental scan of the house and what needs to be done.

These become bullet points in my bullet journal and I can mark them out when I’m done or migrate them to the next day. It’s really helped me keep focused on what I need to do during the day and not be all over the place never finishing a task!


Use cleaning products you love

Some people absolutely love the smell of a clean, bleached house. If that’s your jam and gets you motivated to clean, go for it!

We tend to go the more natural route in our home (though I do keep bleach on hand for when sickness takes over the house!) and I love, love, love my e-cloths! I have the 8-piece home cleaning pack and they really help me not be bothered by cleaning. My kids really love to use them too and I feel great about letting them have a cloth and have at it without worrying about them being exposed to chemicals. Win-win!

E-Cloth - The cleaner clean

I also can’t live without my Dyson. It’s such an amazing vacuum! We got ours one Black Friday for half the cost a few years ago and it’s the best vacuum we’ve ever had. Now that we have tile or laminate in the entire house minus the bedrooms, I’ve been eyeballing this model for those quick clean ups (mostly around meal times!)

This microfiber floor duster is also amazing for those of you with pets in the home. We got a puppy a few months ago that is half Blue Heeler and half English Pointer. While she has short hair that is more manageable, she still sheds all over the place. This floor duster is great to just run through the living areas quickly (and the kids love to use it for me too!).


Open up those blinds!

Ok, this one may sound odd to you, but you know what helps me stay motivated and perky through the day? Sunlight! Yes, glorious sunlight! I cannot tell you how many times I see photos of people’s homes and there’s not an ounce of natural light.

While some of you live in places that don’t have a ton of sunlight during the year, here in Texas we have an ample amount of it. And sometimes, too much! Our home has big windows in the living room that let in a ton of natural light during the day. First thing in the morning, I go through the house (except on those 100+ degree days!) and open the blinds in our room, the kid’s room, the front room and our den/homeschool room.

All that light keeps me going. Instead of wanting to plop down on the couch when it’s break time during homeschool hours or sit and do nothing during nap/quiet time, I’m usually able to get my to-do list done pretty quickly and move on to more pressing matters of my day.

Get professional help

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