When Your Homeschool Plan Fails

When your #homeschool plan fails

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So you did it. You picked a curriculum (or several!), you made your well thought out homeschool plan, bought everything you needed and were ready to take on the world...

But then life happens

And things get in the way. Then, all of your planning goes out the window.

I'm sure many of you veteran homeschoolers have been met with this situation before. As a new homeschooling mom, it really threw me for a loop there for a while.

Our year started out great. We chose to be apart of a Classical Conversations community. I purchased our curriculum book, found phonics and math workbooks and was all ready to go.

We went to community day the first week and then BAM! Hurricane Harvey came barreling through our community. And homeschooling was delayed for 2 weeks.


Getting back in the groove

Once the rain water settled, we got back to work. Community days on Tuesdays, homeschool on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays with Friday as fun day/errand day.Things went well for a few weeks until sickness and major issues with our home post storm caused us to miss 3 weeks of community.

Adjusters, roofers, plumbers. They all work on their own schedules. So this homeschooling, SAHM had to be available to be at the house when they needed to come over. Which really put a wrench in our community day.

Then, things started getting expensive. Quickly. Plumbing issues are not cheap. And being a SAHM with a husband who is a high school teacher, those costs are daunting.

So after discussion and prayer, we decided we would stop doing Classical Conversations and I would try to work from home to bring in a little income and still be able to homeschool our boys.


God always has a plan

We always seem to think we have everything together. Our plans are perfect and we wouldn't have it any other way. Until God shows you that your best laid plans are not His. Our son has certain difficulties and being able to be apart of a community group was very appealing to help him out. I could stay with him in his "class' as he called it, and help guide him through what was going on.

But after the 3rd week in a row of not going to our community day, it dawned on me that my very extremely routine oriented child had not uttered one single peep questioning why we hadn't been to "school" in so long. I sat him down that day and asked if he realized we hadn't been to school. Our conversation went as follows:

Tiny Human #1: Yes mom, I know we haven't been going.

Me: Have you missed going to school these last couple of weeks?

Tiny Human #1: No mommy.

Me: Why not?

Tiny Human #1: Because mommy... It was too long. And too loud. And I didn't like the school stuff. It makes me not like school.


I know a lot of homeschoolers say to not let your kids dictate your homeschool and the curriculum you chose, but isn't that a reason why we homeschool? To teach our kids in a way that best suits their needs?

Our son's needs do have weight in our curriculum choices. Because whether or not it's a good program, if he is not enjoying the work, he will absolutely not learn anything. I say this from a lot of experience with him.

So yes, I gave up a homeschool community and well known curriculum that works for many families for many reasons, but mostly because it wasn't working for my child.

Yes, he's only 4 and maybe when he's a little older and we've had more time to work on his issues would he like something like that. But for right now it isn't working. And I know God knew that all along.

I found out he wasn't enjoying it after we decided to stop going, but I do think God used those other issues as a catalyst to help us find what works for our family.


So now we're back to square 1

I'm not sure where we go from here. We are still doing phonics and math workbooks, CC geography (because if anything, he LOVED the map work) with lots of reading out loud and working on Bob Books. I had heard a ton about them, but it wasn't until I sat down with Tiny Human #1 with them that I was a full believer.

As far as Kindergarten goes for next year, we will be using Sonlight A that we were given. I'll probably still incorporate some CC things that he did enjoy. Right now, I'm not sure what else we will incorporate.

But math. Oh, math. Math is a whole other thing that has me spinning loops trying to decide on something!

Finishing out this year and looking forward to next year, I am a little more relaxed in exact planning. Because if this year has taught me anything, it's that even though I have the best laid plans, God has bigger, better plan than I could ever make.