How a Blogging Editorial Calendar Can Help You Meet Your Mom Blogging Goals

As a mom blogger, you have to plan your content and create goals for yourself to make the most of your blog. Having a blogging editorial calendar can not only keep you organized and enhance your productivity, but also help you reach your blogging goals and drive more traffic to your blog! #blogging #momblog #momblogger #editorialcalendar #bloggingeditorial calendar #organization #productivity #momboss

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Having a blogging editorial calendar can help keep you focused on your goals

If you’re struggling with getting your mom blogging goals met, it may be something simple as you being disorganized in your blog planning! Having a blogging editorial calendar can not only keep you focused on your blogging goals, but help you meet them consistently to grow you blog.

Just as we usually have to have some sort of planner or bullet journal to keep our lives straight as moms and not forget anything, you also need to plan out your blogging goals and keep a daily to-do list in order to stay focused.

What can you use as a Blogging Editorial Calendar?

There are many options for ways you can keep a blogging editorial calendar. Let’s jump in a take a look at some options so you can find what might work best for you!

Erin Condren Planners

I am moving into an Erin Condren Deluxe Monthly Planner for 2019. I like the new monthly style because you get a total of 5 lined pages between each monthly calendar spread plus lined note pages in the back of the planner. I am testing out using the Deluxe Monthly Planner as a personal and blogging tracker.

Each different tracker will be color coordinated to signify what is personal or blogging related. The monthly calendar spread will mostly be for my blog while I will have weekly spreads on the lined paper between the pre-printed months to track my personal life. A planner/bullet journal hybrid all in one!

After getting the Deluxe Monthly Planner and falling in love with it, I’m even more curious to try the Life Planner as well! Maybe next year…

A Bullet Journal

I love bullet journaling. But sometimes I’m not committed enough to make the spreads I need ahead of time. That was really the only fail for me in a blank bullet journal, which is why I switched to a hybrid planner/bullet journal for the upcoming year.

You could create an all in one personal and blogging editorial calendar bullet journal (which is what I did in my bullet journal last year) or have one bullet journal for personal tracking and another for blogging. I did attempt to have them separate at one point this last year, but it didn’t work for me very well. I tend to need everything all in one place or I become fairly unorganized and somewhat of a mess.

Whether you have an all in one bullet journal or separate into different journals, it really is a great option to keep track of your personal and blogging goals.

Traveler’s Notebooks

While I’ve dabbled with Traveler’s Notebooks, I haven’t used one for blogging tracking. There are all types of ways you can customize a Traveler’s Notebook by using different journals in them to track different things.

I currently use a Traveler’s Notebook for my personal journaling and notes and love it. I have a standard size one, which is tall but not so wide. There are also plenty of sizes you can get plus inserts that are dotted, graph, lined, blank along with pre-made calendars and trackers as well. Then you just switch the notebooks out when they are full!

The Happy Planner

If you’re into discbound planners so you can move pages around and also add pages in where you want to, The Happy Planner is by far my favorite of the discbound planners! You can use the premade part of the planner for personal or blogging use and then add lined or graph pages in and use it that way.

Before trying out the Erin Condren Deluxe Monthly Planner, The Happy Planner was my absolute favorite of the planners I had tried in the past. The paper is exceptionally thick (which I love) and it’s easy to add/remove pages as needed!

The benefits of using a Blogging Editorial Calendar

Increasing pageviews. I will say I didn’t really think I needed something like this when I first started blogging. Boy, was I wrong! As a newer blogger, once you get past that “oh I’ll just create a post whenever I feel like it on whatever topic I feel like writing about” phase, having an editorial calendar can definitely increase your pageviews.

Staying organized. Staying organized and planning are what I love to do. It helps me feel like I actually accomplished things at the end of the day. Using a Blogging Editorial Calendar does just that for you. Just like a personal planner, it can help keep your head above water when you are drowning in tasks.

Creating a purpose for your blog. I remember how it was in the beginning as a blogger and not really having a good sense of the direction that I wanted to go with my blog. Once you find the purpose and niche down, as they say, setting goals and having a daily to-do list with your blog will definitely help get your readers engaged.

Being intentional in how you plan out your blogging content and setting realistic goals can do wonders for your blog. Whether you use a planner, bullet journal, notebook or printable, having a Blogging Editorial Calendar can do wonders for your blogging productivity.

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