How Simple Living Has Saved My Sanity

Simple living has been life changing for our family. Not constantly worrying about what needed to be cleaned next or running around like a mad woman cleaning up because people were coming over has been amazing. #minimalism #simpleliving #sahm 


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A while back, we made a conscious decision to live a more simple lifestyle in our household. We decluttered and scaled back how much "stuff" we owned. While at the moment it was such a task to get everything in order, it has saved my sanity as a SAHM. 


My house runs more smoothly

If you've followed me for any time, you know I have not been a fan of keeping a cleaning schedule as a SAHM. Even though I don't have an actual cleaning schedule now that we minimized, it is easier to go ahead and wash the 3 dishes in the sink when there isn't so much other clutter to deal with as well.


Things don't pile up

Before starting our minimalism journey, I may or may not have been repeatedly guilty of dropping things here or there around the house while I was trying to deal with something else. Then it all piled up and BAM! Dirty, cluttered house. 

It was incredibly frustrating. And even more frustrating because I knew deep down I was creating more clutter and work for myself in the long run even though it was convenient at the moment.

But now, even if there are some things lying around, it literally takes less than 10 minutes to pick up. Mom win!



It's easier to keep the house clean

As a mom with small children, I did tell myself that my house would never be clean and I was just going to deal with that. Because that's what you do. 

But living simply has really changed my outlook on the idea that moms with small children almost have to have cluttered homes because... Kids. With less "stuff", there's less to pick up, my kids play more intently with the toys they have, and we are able to live and have fun without worrying about laundry mountain or the piles of dishes in the kitchen.

Don't get me wrong. There are days when the toddler was up puking all night and the laundry and the dishes pile up. But in general, we now are able to keep up with the house with much more ease.


I have more time for me

This has probably been the best thing about living more simply for me. I used to spend sometimes 2 hours after the kids went to bed cleaning up, washing dishes, folding laundry, etc. that I almost never had a moment to myself. It was exhausting. And being a homeschooling SAHM who also has a blog, I was getting burned out. 

Now, cleanup takes very little of time in the evenings and I can do more things like working on the blog, read (like this amazingly funny book I am reading now!), or binge on Netflix or Amazon Prime Video. It's been so great for my own mental health!


Are you ready to take the simple living plunge? It's done wonders in our home! 


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