How to Cope With The Hard SAHM Days

Some days as a stay at home mom are HARD. You want to lock yourself in the closet and never come out. Check out these ways you can use to help cope with those hard sahm days. #sahm #wahm #roughday #momlife


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Some days are just rough. Everyone is a whiny, crying mess and the day just never seems to end. You know the day I'm talking about. We have them time after time. As a stay at home mom, the hard days just feel like the worst day ever.

Your mostly potty trained toddler poops his pants for the 3rd time that day. Your school-age child has an attitude and is fighting you at every turn. The tile gets colored on while you're doing homeschool lessons and lunch is yet again sandwiches because you just can't do anything else. 

Those hard days are so draining. Here are a few ways to help cope with them when it's all just a little too much.


Take a mommy break

What I usually make the boys do when things are getting chaotic is to tell them it's time to play in their room for just a bit while mommy get's some "work" done. That's my mommy code for "you guys go play for 10 minutes in your room together while I sit on the couch and decompress".

Sometimes, we just need a moment to settle down and regroup. Make some hot tea or fold the towels. Load the dishwasher or hide in the bathroom for a minute. Usually, for me, I tend to feel a little better after about 5 minutes.

Of my 2 kids, only 1 is still napping in the afternoon, so we still have "quiet time" for my kindergartener. This means, once we are done with any homeschool subjects that didn't get done in the morning, he picks out a few books and goes in my room and lays down with them while his brother naps in their room. Having that hour to hour and a half of mostly quiet to look forward to is tremendously helpful on those rough days.


Change up your normal routine

This can really help change the pace of a bad day. The other day, my oldest just did not want to finish his reading work. He was whiny and driving me bananas. After he calmed down in his room for about 10 minutes, we closed up school for the day and got the Lego's out. 

We built so many things and took our minds off of the hard day we were having. No, we didn't finish our sight word practice, but he used a lot of fine motor and math skills instead. Win, win

Change up your bad day. Take them to the park if they are running wild in the house. Go to the mall and browse around after nap time. Call up a friend and meet her and her kids for lunch. Do something different to change up the pace. 


Do something messy

Now, I hear you screaming "NO!" at me for this one, but hear me out. Many times when my kids are driving me nuts is because they are bored. It's usually when we've been stuck in the same routine every day for a week or more and they just want to do something different! Most of the time, so do I!

So get the playdoh out. Make some slime. Glitter anything in sight! (Ok, so maybe not that last one... I absolutely hate glitter and all it stands for!) The point is, get something out that you normally don't and I promise you that most likely it will turn your kid's moods around and in turn your own. Yes, there will be a mess to clean up, but would you rather do that or end up screaming at your kids out of frustration?


Hard days as a stay at home mom are inevitable. How do you cope with them? Also, sign up below to be added to my weekly email list and get a free Budgeting Printable Pack to help you get your finances in check as a SAHM!