How To Stop Being an Overwhelmed Mom

If you’re constantly behind on your to-do list and feel overwhelmed as a mom, you’re not alone! It’s time to stop being overwhelmed and start being productive! #sahm #wahm #bulletjournal #todolist

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As a mom, it can be incredibly easy to become overwhelmed in the day to day of our lives. Working outside of the home or being a stay at home mom. Doesn’t matter. We all worry about not doing enough or doing too much. We don’t sleep enough, our brains are always on overdrive and it’s hard to feel like we can stay afloat some days.

I don’t know about you, but it’s exhausting to feel overwhelmed. When it seems like just one more thing on your plate is going to sink you to the bottom of the ocean.

But you know what we are totally bad at as moms?

Not letting others help us!

Raise your hand if you tend to try and do it all yourself. It can be so easy for us to just want to do everything ourselves and not accept the help of others around us. Even from our own children.

My older son loves to help with the cleaning and cooking. The kid LOVES to fold socks and towels. For a long time, it made me cringe because he was “doing it wrong”. Yes, it wasn’t perfect but you know what? Each pair held together and they were all matched correctly and the towels fit in the linen closet with ease.

The same goes for our husbands. There’s really no one “right” way to do something around the house. It may feel like it to you, but its just your preference. Let the kids fold clothes without letting out a big sigh. Let your husband put the dishes away without complaining. Thank them for helping and move about your to-do list.

Create your to-do list and stick to it

I’ve been bullet journaling for the last year and it has really helped me keep my to-do list on the front burner. Whatever way you decide, you need some sort of plan for the day.

Psst! Don’t tell me that you can keep your list in your head and do a mental check off. You know you can’t. Stop lying to yourself!

But in all seriousness, you have to write things down if you want to stay ahead. Whether you use a planner, a bullet journal, Evernote, Google Calendar, etc., you have to use them to stay organized.

Let go of the little things

I’m a Type-A personality with a little hint B mixed in. This one was the hardest thing for me to do. Letting go of the little things that really didn’t matter was hard for me to do.

While I still don’t keep a cleaning schedule, I do have tasks I do daily, weekly and monthly. Letting go of the cleaning schedule and having a routine instead has helped my productivity tremendously.

Bullet journaling has also helped. When I was using a planner, it was extremely hard for me to mark a task out of the pretty boxes. the whole thing was ruined and I’d put it away for a while. With bullet journaling, I can just migrate a task to the next day/week and move on if it doesn’t get done. No harm, no fowl and life continues.

This way, I can let go of the little things that either didn’t get done or I just don’t have the time/energy to do that day. Towels didn’t get washed today? Eh, there’s more in the linen closet. I can do that tomorrow.

My biggest suggestion to help you stop being an overwhelmed mom? Stay organized!

Whether you complete your tasks day to day or have to migrate some to the next, if you stay organized, you can help keep chaos at bay. Find a method that works for you and your needs and then stick with it!

Bullet journaling works for me. But over the last 2 months I was getting in a rut because I had been trying too hard to get it to be “pretty” and it was ending up looking like a planner. And a planner didn’t help me stay organized.

So I had to step back and get back to the minimal, daily logs to get myself back in gear.

Mama, don’t fix something that isn’t broken. I made that mistake recently. But if your system is broken, find what works and what doesn’t and either find a planning system that fits your needs or create your own. Otherwise, you’ll always be an overwhelmed, exhausted mess.