Mama Needs a Little Grace and a Whole Lotta Jesus

Sometimes, I hate writing posts like this. Why you may ask? Because I'm not a perfect mom. I have my faults. And some days, I have to remember to give myself some grace. And a whole lotta Jesus.

I like being transparent on my blog because I've been the mom on the other side of the screen. I've seen the pins on Pinterest or the posts on Facebook and read them because, well, I'm walking in those shoes.

Today hasn't been stellar. I've yelled.

I may have closed myself in my closet for 30 seconds to compose myself while the toddler screamed on the other side of the door because I wouldn't let him put a dirty tissue he found in the wastebasket in his mouth.

We ate snacks for lunch on paper plates because I just didn't have it in me to make a "real" lunch.

The laundry isn't done. All 3 bathrooms need a good scrubbing. The microwave may just need to be thrown away for all I know.

I forgot to get more wipes at the grocery store. The electric bill almost forgot to pay itself... Or maybe that was me...

The kids watched too much tv this morning and I still haven't gotten all of our homeschool stuff ready. We start in 7 days.

Lately, I've neglected "promoting" my blog and am reaping the benefits of that. The game plan for my blog and Etsy Shop has been rewritten and redone so many times that I'm just tired.

My motivation level is low and I just want to take a nap.



Then, I remembered that I shouldn't be so hard on myself...

Some days, the enemy REALLY likes to try and steal my joy. Make me feel like a bad mom. A bad wife. A no good blogger who should just throw in the towel and do something else with her life.

I have to realize these negative thoughts are not from God. They aren't there to enrich my life as He would want. They are there because I let my guard down. Because I got tired. And weary. And pitied myself.

Then I remember my post on The Weary Mom and every single one of the verses speaks to me in this moment, but especially this one from 2 Corinthians 12:10.

And it all comes into perspective for me. I have to go to God in order to turn my human weaknesses around. To turn my focus to Him instead of what I view as my faults.

Moms that are feeling less than today, give yourself some grace. And give your weaknesses to God.