When We Turn Molehills Into Mountains



It's a lovely, warm summer day and the sun is shining without a cloud in the sky. You wake up naturally with no alarm or screaming child jolting you awake. You feel refreshed, energized and ready to take on the day.

But then it happens...

Your kids wake up and are screaming at each other. The baby is fussy and teething. Your oldest has left his dirty laundry in the middle of the hallway for the umpteenth time and you lose it.

The day is now ruined 15 minutes in

You woke up refreshed without a care in the world. The day should be going better than this! Birds should be chirping as you make breakfast and all the kids do their tasks without being asked. How on earth could such a beautiful day turn sour so quickly?

Four simple words, mama. Just 4 simple words. Because you let it...


Turning molehills into mountains

I get it completely. It's so easy to look at the above scenario and think "Geez, that annoys me to no end when ____ happens!". Not that any of these things are easy to deal with, but how we react to them can greatly change the course of our day.

If your initial reaction is to get angry, stop and think about it. Is the situation a molehill or a true mountain? Because I know in my household, there are tons more molehills than mountains. But you don't always recognize that by my reaction.


Be a slow to anger mom

I've written about becoming a slow to anger mom that you can read here. As parents, we have to learn to take the molehills for what they are and react accordingly.

Those tiny little humans are watching us. Like tiny little hawks. And they will start mimicking your own reactions.

For example, one day I was trying to get dinner ready and got frustrated when I slightly burned something on accident (while trying to break up a brotherly fight). It really was no big deal and it was still completely edible.

But I was still frustrated from breaking up said brotherly fight that I reacted by stomping one foot and hitting the side of my thigh while I let out an exacerbated sigh. (I know, how 4 year old of me!) Guess who was standing there watching me react this way?

My 19 month old. And guess what he started doing when he gets frustrated? Yep... Mommy set the stage for that. All because I turned a true molehill into a gigantic mountain.


Change the tone of your home

Have you ever heard the expression "Mom sets the tone of the home" and "If mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy"? Whether it's been scientifically proven or not, there's definitely truth to it, at least in my home.

I know when I'm sweating the small things and getting easily frustrated, so is everyone else. Tempers get short, brothers fight and pick at each other and the overall feel of our home isn't a fun and loving one.


So, mama. Take charge of your emotions, as hard as it is! Set the tone in your house and try to keep your molehills from turning into unnecessary mountains!

When we turn molehills into mountains. Learning to take charge of the tone in your home.