Mom Disclaimers and Social Media



This might be a controversial topic. I've also been guilty of doing it myself. But I H-A-T-E when moms are made to feel like they have to add a disclaimer to their posts on social media. You've all seen them.

"Such a cutie in her carseat! (P.S. I promise she wasn't in a moving car. We were taking her out of her carseat at home when I had to snap this picture! I was standing right there and she was NEVER in any danger before anyone says something.)"

"My little daredevils! (Yes, dad was right there out of the frame of the picture ready to catch anyone! Don't worry, no kiddos were hurt during this!)"

"Fun day at the beach with the littles and their cousins! (Disclaimer- everyone had on sunscreen and we only stayed in the sun for 20 minutes at a time before anyone makes a comment!)"


I could go on... And on...


It's sad that we are made to feel as moms that we need to add a disclaimer statement to our lives. We have become so critical as a society towards parents and their parenting styles that moms feel the need to explain themselves before the wolves come out of the bushes.

Society has become so wrapped up in what parents are doing wrong that parents feel the need to make sure everyone knows there was no danger or intentional disregard for safety at all times. The realm of social media has nit-picked every little thing that parents do. It is difficult being a parent these days. Your life is constantly under a microscope. And if anyone thinks you are doing it wrong, they are going to come out and tell you just what they think. And its not always pretty.

Sometimes, I wish I was raising my kids years ago when there wasn't such an information overload. At a time when moms weren't questioned at every turn and parenting move. Don't get me wrong, some parents need to be corrected in their parenting. It takes a village to raise these kiddos after all.

But when I see moms berated on social media because their 2 year old wasn't buckled into the shopping cart (because in reality, mom unbuckled her child, snapped the picture, and then removed her child from the shopping cart), my heart hurts for them.


Everything on social media is just a second in time that has little context

In reality, the majority of posts that I see moms adding a disclaimer to are completely fine. Yet, the disclaimer is added because they don't want to hear it. They know people will come out of the woodwork and rake them over the coals for their parenting.

We have to stop being so critical of each other. Moms are the worst sometimes at having empathy for other moms. Like I said earlier, there are times when we need to be corrected. A parent needs to be told their infant isn't safe forward facing at 8 months old. The mom from your bible study group should be advised that raw apples are a choking hazard for her baby that just started solids. But there's a way to tell her without freaking out on her on Facebook or Instagram.

Moms, stop apologizing to people for what you *think* others may feel is wrong with your parenting. We all parent differently and constantly giving disclaimers on your life is exhausting. Take what people say with a grain of salt. Sometimes a bucketful of salt. If you know your kids are in no real danger, post the picture with a cute caption and ignore the comments that can ensue.


Have you ever been chastised for a post on social media about your parenting? How did you handle it?