Mom, You're Not Doing it "Wrong"

Mama, you're not always doing it wrong. Don’t look down on yourself when you think that everyone else is doing this mom thing better than you.   #motherhood       #motherhoodunplugged     #goodmom

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As moms, we have to stop believing that we’re always doing it wrong. 

You get on Instagram or Facebook and everyone is having a better day than you. 

Their kids are well put together. Yours are running around like feral cats still in their pajamas. 

That mom’s kids are reading at the age of 3 and yours recognizes one letter of the alphabet and can count to 3 on a good day. 

This mom is always dressed so well and makeup intact. You’re in leggings with a top knot and spit up on your t-shirt. 

You are left with nothing but the feeling that you’re doing it wrong. That all these ladies are rocking this mom thing and you completely stink at it. 

But guess what? 

The put together mom has postpartum depression and getting dressed every day is the only way she feels like she can function. 

The mom with the “smart” kids is knee deep in dishes and laundry and hopes she can get dinner on the table tonight. 

The mom with the put together kids wrestled with her preschooler trying to get him dressed for their photo shoot. It ended with everyone in tears and bribes of a cookie. 

When we only see 10% of others lives, we usually see the “good” 10%. You see 100% of yourself. 

We all have struggles as moms. Not one of us has a good day every day. Most days are about survival in the early years. 

So the next time you see the put together mom, the mom with the smart kids, the mom of the well dressed kids, the hot mess mom, the mom with her pajamas on in the drop off lane, etc, give her a hug and tell her she’s doing a great job. 

Because more often than not, it’s exactly what she needs to hear today.