Mommy Can't Go To Bed Early


As I sit writing this, it is exactly 9:58 pm. My kids have been in bed since 8:15 pm and my husband at 9:30 pm. It's getting late and my alarm is set for 6 am so I can have devotional time and prep our homeschool activities for the day along with any household chores I can sneak in before the kids wake up.

I should be in bed. My head should be on my pillow and my eyes should be closed. Dreamland should be in full force. So why am I still awake after my entire family is in bed???

Mommy Can't Go To Bed Early... But that's why God made coffee, right?


There, I said it. I'm not ashamed one bit. My days are long. I get up and the ball is moving and doesn't stop until everyone goes to bed.

I'm a SAHM. And now I homeschool as well. Between homeschool, homemaking, running a website and Etsy shop, changing diapers and potty training, feeding growing children, etc, there aren't many quiet moments in my day.

Sure, the toddler takes a 2ish hour nap and I've started making the preschooler take an hour or so nap halfway through little brother's nap because he's just cranky if not. But that 1 hour of blessed naptime is usually filled with various chores, dinner prep, or adult duties like paying bills and making appointments.

So in the late hours of the evening, mommy can have quiet. Blessed quiet. No one pulling at me, asking for the 10th time for a snack while I am physically making a meal. Just blessed quiet. Right now the only sounds I hear are my keyboard as I type away, the hum of the ceiling fan, and the occasional overhead plane flying by.



In all seriousness, I probably do need more sleep. And on occasion, I will go to bed earlier than 11 pm. But most of the time, Mommy needs some decompression time.

And if that means I increase the Keurig setting from 8oz to 12oz the next morning, so be it. I love coffee. And a little extra around 2-3 in the afternoon is a welcome "snack" for mommy.

Sometimes I read, sometimes I watch a show (or 3) on Netflix. I will watch a sermon or do a devotional. Other times, I wash dishes or clothes or do some clean up.

Even though I'm tired and keep up with the house throughout the day as well, I can get them done in a fraction of the time after everyone goes to bed. I don't have someone stopping me every 5 seconds needing something or wanting to talk or needing an owie kissed so sometimes I don't mind doing household chores if it means it takes me 10 minutes to do instead of 30.


It's my ME time

I have learned in my 4.5 years of being a mother that I am a really cranky person when I don't have alone time. I'm an introvert by nature. Introverts need their alone time to feel right in the world.

Which is incredibly important for me as a SAHM. When I was a working mom, I had a 25-30 minute morning commute to work and anywhere from 40 minutes to up to a 2 hour commute home with traffic.

Those moments in the car were my alone time. I didn't stay up late back in those days.

But now as a SAHM, I don't have that alone time in the car. I'm lucky some days if I get any alone time at all. So staying up an hour or 2 after everyone else goes to bed is extremely worth it to me.

I mean, God made coffee for a reason, right?? :)