My Top 5 Facebook Groups For Mom Bloggers


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It's hard to be a Mom Blogger. There's so many blogs out there that I think it's easy to feel unnoticed sometimes. Joining Facebook Groups in my mom blog journey has helped incredibly with the growth of myself as a blogger and my blog.

We need community. While there are great groups out there to increase your traffic, I love these 5 groups because they are also so supportive of each other. I know that if I have a blogging related question, I can post it in one of these groups. These ladies will start to answer almost immediately. If you're a mom blogger, you HAVE to check out these 5 Facebook Groups for support! (Listed in order that I joined them!)

It's hard as mom bloggers to know what you're doing in the blogging world sometimes. There's so much noise out there as to what you need to do to be successful. Check out my 5 favorite Facebook groups for mom bloggers to find their tribes! #momblogger #facebookgroups #findyourtribe #mompreneur

Blogging With Heart

This was the very first Facebook group I joined as a new mom blogger. Along with daily threads to help boost your social media traffic, these ladies are just amazing. Terryn, of Just a Simple Home, heads up the group. It's such an amazing place for women bloggers to come together and support one another.

The description of the group goes a little something like this:

"This community is a place for female bloggers to support and encourage one another to grow their businesses. Our focus is on friendship and inspiration, making this one of the best communities for women bloggers... The most important thing is that you desire to lead with your heart, so you can be a blessing to others."


Mom To Mompreneur

This Facebook group is headed up by Elna of Twins MommyThis wonderful group is for mom bloggers to help them grow their blogs. There are daily threads to help increase your traffic and the group description goes a little something like this:

"The 2 MAIN PURPOSES of this group are to: 1) Learn the strategies to get your blog ready for a biz and become a mompreneur. Learn how to grow your traffic, income and list and the steps to starting your own home business. 2) Network with other mom bloggers to grow your blog. We encourage you to ask questions in this group!"


Women Winning Online

Jen, of Women Winning Online, runs this Facebook group with the same name as her blog for women bloggers. This group is also really great for sharing your achievements and struggles as a blogger. It's a really supportive group and Jen has a wealth of knowledge in helping women bloggers achieve their goals. This is the description of the group:

"Women Winning Online is a place for women to get encouragement, education, inspiration, and connection this blogging and online business journey. This is a place for you to share your wins and your struggles. It is a place to encourage each other and help each other. It is a place for us women bloggers and online business owners to connect with each other. Let's build each other up and enjoy happy, successful lives!"


Stay-At-Home Mompreneurs

This Facebook group is headed up by Victoria of The Stay At Home Mompreneur. This is another excellent Facebook group to join as a mom blogger/mompreneur trying to make it all work. There are daily threads as well. The group description is as follows:

"This is a group for mom bloggers and mompreneurs to ask questions, share ideas, and support each other. (You don't have to be a stay-at-home parent. My hope is that one day you'll be able to stay at home because you'll be making a full-time income from blogging/freelance writing/whatever it is you love doing)."


Pinterest Ninjas

Pinterest Ninjas is headed up by Megan of LoveFamilyHealth. If you have a blogging/Pinterest question, Megan is your girl. I joined this group right before I bought her course, Pinterest Ninja. Not only is it an amazing course, the group is amazing as well! Here's a few snippets from the description of the group:

"This group is for bloggers only. The purpose is to help boost each other's pins/Pinterest profiles and Social Media following... Facebook Groups are the reason I am where I am today, I want you to be able to use this group to help grow your blog and business! When others support each other GREAT things can happen!"


For me, Facebook groups such as these have not only helped me grow my blog, but have encouraged me tremendously in my journey. Just like we need to find our mom tribes in life, I think we as mom bloggers need to find our mom blog tribes for support. These 5 groups have gone above and beyond to make that possible for me and I hope you can find your mom blog tribe as well!


What are your favorite Facebook groups for help and support in your blogging journey?