To The New SAHM

Becoming a new SAHM can be challenging. You've gone from working mom to stay at home mom and you feel like you don't know what you are doing. Don't fret, mama. You will find your groove! #sahm #newmom

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Becoming a SAHM was a hard transition for me. I understand how going from a job outside of the home to being home full time with your kids can be. If you've just become a SAHM and feel overwhelmed and lost, or you're contemplating becoming a SAHM, here's my advice to you.



Dear new (or soon to be) SAHM,


This is not going to be easy. It may be the hardest thing you've ever had to do. But trust me when I say, you will find your groove.

You will find your place in life. If this is what you truly want to do, it will be one of the best things in life to happen to you. Things may feel out of sorts now. But you'll find your groove.

You may be wondering what on earth you are supposed to do all day with your kids. But you'll find your groove.

It may be a treacherous journey trying to figure out how to keep your house from looking like a battlefield everyday. But you'll find your groove.

Your kids may have bad days. You may have bad days. There will be crying and yelling, from all parties involved. But you'll find your groove.

Your working friends may not understand why you "gave up" your life and career for your kids. Friendships may change and some may disappear. But you'll find your groove.

Finances change and you'll most likely have to become a master budgeter. But you'll find your groove.

Some days, chores pile up and no one gets a bath because it's just one of those days. But you'll find your groove.

There may be days in the beginning, especially if you have a newborn, where you can't remember the last time you showered or ate a hot meal. But you'll find your groove.

You can read all the blog posts and pins about doing this or that in order to become the best SAHM you can be.

My advice?

No two SAHM's function the same. Some need regimented days of schedules and plans. Others take every day as it is.

YOU will find what works best for you and your children. It is trial and error (with lots of errors along the way).

But you know what?

YOU will find your groove mama. You will find it.


With love, prayers, and faith in you,

The mom who became a SAHM after being a working mom for two and a half years.


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