Becoming a Slow to Anger Mom


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We've all had our moments. I am willing to bet that you can think of a time in the last 24 hours when you became angry at your children's behavior.

You told your son to clean up his toys. Twenty minutes later when you check on his status, he is playing and creating more of a mess.

Your toddler throws herself on the ground in the middle of the supermarket because you won't let her put a tub of Kool-aid mix in the basket.

Our children love to test the limits. To find where our boundaries lie and how far they can get before mommy/daddy loses it. It's not hard to become angry in those moments. You think to yourself (or scream it out loud) "I JUST told you not to do that!"

Slow to Anger Mom James 1:19-20


But what if we were slow to anger?

What if we stopped in our tracks and looked at the situation? Is it really necessary to get angry and start yelling in that moment? It's so easy to go down that route when we let our emotions run wild.

James tells us this: "My dear brothers and sisters, take note of this: Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry,because human anger does not produce the righteousness that God desires." (James 1:19-20 NIV)

Y'all... If that's not convicting, I'm not sure what is.


Our God is Righteous

According to James, our human anger does nothing to create God's desire of righteousness. When we are unjustified in our anger, we aren't producing the fruit of our Father.

Verse 19 reminds me of the "Stop, Drop, and Roll" mantra. We are told to be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to anger. Applying this to my parenting, I need to listen to God, slow to say things that would turn into hurtful words, and not jump immediately into anger.

Don't get me wrong, God had anger toward his people through the bible. But it was always righteous and that's the difference.


Be a Slow to Anger Mom

I'm going to be writing these verses on a post it and putting it above my kitchen sink. I currently don't have a dishwasher so as a SAHM, I spend a lot of time standing at that sink. I want to be a slow to anger mom, not a jump to anger mom.

Our kids make mistakes. They disobey. We have to instill good in them. But how would we grow as children of God if He constantly barked and yelled at us every single time we sinned?

I don't like the idea of that. I know our God is a loving God and I want to be a loving parent to my children. I want to discipline them out of care for their futures and who I am helping shape them to be, not out of a quick to anger attitude.

Join me in memorizing James 1:19-20, especially if you are struggling with being a quick to anger parent and share this post for your other parent friends on this #WisdomWednesday!