Spring Clean Your Home Naturally!


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Spring is in the air! At least for us southerners. Some of you up north are still getting snow while we've got 70-80 degree temperatures most days now. Regardless of where you are, though, it is technically spring and that means one thing.

Time To Spring Clean!

Ugh, I know. Some of you want to curl up in the corner at the thought of Spring Cleaning. I know I do! BUT... If you're looking to clean your home naturally without harsh chemicals, today is your day. Let's dive in!

Are you looking to clean your home naturally without all the harsh chemicals? Spring is here and I have the answer! #springcleaning #ecloth #planttherapy


If you're like me, you really want to clean your home naturally and without harsh chemicals. While I always have a spray bottle mixture of dish soap, vinegar and water on hand (and maybe a bleach, but more on that further down the post!), I have been cleaning the whole house this year with E-Cloth.

Now, E-Cloth® is basically a less expensive version of Norwex®. I LOVE both products, but let's face it. I'm a SAHM and my husband is a high school teacher. Bargain shopping is my name and finding deals are my game. The Norwex cleaning cloth I did have from years ago has finally bit the dust. While I still use their UPP detergent and body cloth, I have been using E-Cloth for the rest of our home.

As I talked about in this post, I found an E-Cloth Home Cleaning 8 Piece Set on clearance at our local grocery store for $12.99. I took the plunge and bought the set.


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The set includes the following:

It retails for $39.99 and you get quite the bang for your buck. They have TONS of cleaning packs that are so worth it if you want to buy more for less.

The big winner for Norwex users is the mop. I have heard SOOO much about the mop. While I would die to have one, I do have the E-Cloth mop head that I also found on clearance at our local grocery store and use a Swiffer handle with it. I think it works beautifully, and with just water too!

E-Cloth is easy to launder and the Home Cleaning set I bought came with this handy dandy card telling you what each cloth does, how to use it, and how to care for it. How awesome of them! Here's a quick look at some from my stash (a few are missing because they're in the wash!)


Are you looking to clean your home naturally without all the harsh chemicals? Spring is here and I have the answer! #springcleaning #ecloth #planttherapy


I love the cloths because I feel like I can hand my 4 year old the damp cloth, tell him to wipe the window, and not worry about him or moreso my 2 year old putting it in his mouth and getting sick from it. I'm all about my kids helping with chores around the house and it is nice to give them the cloth and let them get to work without being a ball of nerves because they're handling chemicals.

Cleaning your home naturally is easy and a breeze with E-Cloth or Norwex. I also love to finish cleaning up while having essential oils diffusing in the air. No harsh smells. No coughing because too much bleach spray was used. (Although I will admit, I do still use bleach here and there in the bathroom around the toilet. If anyone has any natural cleaning methods to get little boy pee smell out of the bathroom, you will be my new best friend in the whole wide world!!)


I cannot be happier cleaning our home with natural products that aren't going to cause my family harm! E-Cloth, Plant Therapy Essential Oils and Norwex are my go-to products. What are your favorite natural cleaning products for your home?