The Ugly Side of Being a Mom Blogger

Being a mom blogger isn't as easy as some would make it out to be. There's so much work that goes into it for what seems like little to no gain. But let's talk about why it's so hard and get past all the smoke and mirrors bigger bloggers can sometimes put up for us. #momblog #momblogger #wahm #sahm #momboss #affiliatemarketing #blogging #pinterest


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I hate being negative or saying things that bring people down, but I also like being transparent and truthful. Even if it hurts a little bit. We all need a little tough love sometimes, and this post is one of those times. 


Being a mom blogger isn't for the faint of heart


If you browse through any blogging Facebook groups, you will see posts of people asking if X amount of page views or X amount of money made is "normal" for how long they have been blogging. Usually, these kinds of posts get responses of people saying they are lucky because they're so new and have so many pageviews or so much income for just starting out.

Now, I'm not saying these people are lying, but in all reality, only 5% of bloggers make a full-time income. Not to depress you, but Big Time Blogger telling you that it's possible for everyone to make a living blogging is lying to you. While theoretically, yes anyone could make a full-time income blogging, not everyone will.

As mom bloggers, we are most likely passionate about our blogs but would like to make some money with them as well. We buy all the outrageously priced courses (or if you're smart, well-priced ones that don't break the bank!), do tons of research, participate in every promotion thread we can handle but still don't make the headway we were expecting.


Sound familiar?



Mom blogger, show yourself some grace

Just as our lives as moms, we cannot compare ourselves to everyone else. Your mom blogging journey isn't the same as someone else's. Some people have marketing backgrounds or editorial experience. Some ran websites for others and know SEO in and out. Others have had 10 or more blogs through the years and know what they are doing. 

Then there are the rest of us. The former nurses, teachers, accountants, office workers, etc. that are starting from scratch. My background as a pediatric nurse didn't prepare me for blogging. (except in the time management department!) I have no real computer training. I've taught myself what I know so far. Which already puts me behind.


Focus on your own journey

But just because you get less than 100 pageviews a day a year into blogging doesn't mean you're a horrible writer or blogger. It means that maybe you need to research SEO practices or take a Pinterest course. Or you need to work on your graphic design. If you're struggling to make money, take an affiliate marketing course.

While some blogs probably do make you turn your head and wonder what the purpose is, I have visited so many mom blogs over the years and have been blown away at what another mom has written from her laptop while her littles take a nap. The website design could use a little work and while that doesn't stop me from coming back, unfortunately, it does for some. 

We live in a fast-paced, visual and instant gratification world. So sometimes, your other skills need improvement before you will see an increase in followers. And that's ok!


Mom blogger, you're doing great

You probably don't get told this enough or at all, but you are doing great. I see you, waking up before your kids to get a few tasks in. I see you scrambling during naptime to crank out a post before anyone wakes up. I see you, staying up until the wee hours of the night researching blogging techniques on Pinterest like your life depends on it.

Regardless if you have 0 pageviews or thousands, you're doing great. It may be hard to drown out all the noise to see it. I totally understand. As a mom blogger, I have seen the summer drop in numbers. It's discouraging. But hang in there. Learn as much as you can, but don't overwork yourself. Know that your journey isn't someone else's and it will look different. It may go slower (or faster) than you think it would/should.

Just know, I see how hard you are working! And you're doing great!



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