Today, I Held You in My Lap Instead

We can get so caught up in what we “have” to get done as moms that we sometimes miss the little moments with our kids. So that Saturday, I stopped and let my 3 year old sit in my lap instead of doing all the things. #sahm #wahm #littlemoments #cuddletime #spendingtimewiththelittles

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That Saturday morning, I woke up with grand schemes to get all the things done. I decided I was going to be super productive, clean the whole house while daddy was home and do everything I had been putting off for weeks.

But then, my beautiful son, I held you instead.

Your little 3 year old self has had less and less time for mommy lately. My usually cuddly little buddy is growing up. Becoming an explorer. Being a boy and climbing everything. Everything except into mommy’s lap.

So that Saturday morning when you crawled into my lap, I stopped.

I stopped my grand scheme and big ideas.

Today, I held you in my lap instead.

I was going to wash, dry and fold all the laundry I had been putting off all week long.

But I held you in my lap instead.

I had planned on scrubbing all the bathrooms top to bottom to get that dreaded little boy pee smell to (hopefully) disappear.

But I held you in my lap instead.

The kitchen was going to get a nice, good scrub down that it desperately needed.

But I held you in my lap instead.

The school room was going to get organized and cleaned since our homeschool year was almost over and it was a complete disaster.

But I held you in my lap instead.

Floors were going to get vacuumed and mopped.

But I held you in my lap instead.

Clothes that didn’t fit you guys anymore were going to get put away and new-to-you clothes were going to get washed and put away.

But I held you in my lap instead.

You see, these moments don’t last anymore. It’s rare that you climb up into my lap and just sit and hold onto me while I hold onto you.

So, there we sat on the couch together. Your dad put a movie on and we sat and watched. We went outside and played. You giggled, belly laughed and ran around like a wild child.

All of my grand schemes did not get done.

But for that precious hour, I held you in my lap instead.

I watched you be a kid and have a blast.

So, instead. The kitchen and bathrooms got a quick wiping. The laundry didn’t get done. The floors got a quick once-over and you borrowed some of your big brother’s t-shirts.

But holding you in my lap instead of cleaning the house is an hour I will cherish.