Being a Truth Seeking Christian Woman



Do we really try to be seekers of the truth as Christian mothers?

Let's think about it for a second. How often do we let our emotions run away from us when we are tired, hurt or downright weary?

We are humans with a lot of emotion. I know I sometimes have a hard time separating the truth from how I feel in the moment.

Being a Truth Seeking Christian Woman. #truth #christianity #christianwoman


Scripture is always relevant

Are we looking for the truth at all times?

Scripture is our guide. We have to fully believe that the Bible is a book of truth and it must always fit into our Christian walk.

Not just the pieces that fit our own ideals or emotions. 

There are incredible books, blogs, podcasts, etc on Christian living out there. But do we rely more on those than the Word?

I'm not saying we should never read or listen to another person's interpretation of the Scripture. But do not solely rely on other's opinions and interpretations of the Word.

Take other's interpretations and line them up with the scriptures yourself. If they don't match up, you need to rethink consuming that particular media.


Always fact check

I cannot tell you how many Christian labeled books I have attempted to start reading that I've had to put away and move on from.

Discernment is your friend. Just because something is labeled as a Christian resource doesn't mean you take it in blindly.

Proverbs 2:11 (NIV) says: "Discretion will protect you, and understanding will guard you."

Always fact check what you are consuming with the scriptures. They are a guide for us.

I think many people think they are using scripture to write a book or a movie and so on, but their interpretation of the scripture may not be quite right.


Pray without ceasing

When navigating the Christian world, continue to pray without ceasing.

Pray for discernment and guidance.

Scour the scriptures and pray for understanding.

And know that Christian living media is a supplement to our walk, not a replacement for it. Let your time in prayer and the word keep you focused on Christ.