Why I Use a Planner As a SAHM


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I use a planner. It contains my life! I'm a type A personality that needs to have my life organized or I feel like life is in shambles. Some weeks, I use it A TON. Other weeks I hardly look at it, but I know I can depend on it because its there.

I have used MANY different kinds of planners over the years since I started using one in late high school almost 15 years ago (ack! I'm getting old!). I think some people are confused as to why I use a planner as a stay at home mom (aka SAHM), but I'm considerably busy these days with both kids, keeping the house running, meal planning, keeping track of our budget, appointments, etc. that I need help remembering everything and making sure I get everything done so I don't get behind.

My favorite by far is The Happy Planner Create 365 that my lovely sister in law bought me for my birthday this last year. Honestly, it's big enough so I don't lose it in the chaos of my house and you can customize to your heart's content.

I tried to bullet journal, but that just wasn't for me. It's a great concept, but I felt like I was trying to re-invent the wheel here. The Create 365 line has multiple offerings of products to customize your planner and make it your own. My specific planner has horizontal daily pages (like most planners) and I'd like to try a vertical daily page next. (Edit: I've now moved to a bullet journal that you can read about here! BUT if I ever went back to a pre-made planner, The Happy Planner would definitely be my #1 pick!)

I bought these notepad and graph paper inserts so I could make myself notes and lists outside of the planner days and then insert them into the month I need them in. This gives it a more personal, bullet journal-like feel without all the extra work and organization I found challenging with bullet journaling.

I also tried this budget insert, but found it just really wasn't for me. It came with sheets for tracking expenses with monthly tabs, stickers, etc. But since we do most of our banking online and hardly ever use cash, I found it redundant for me. Especially since I already use a budget tracking system online. But I could see how some people could absolutely love this extension pack.

I'm kind of geeky when it comes to office supplies, especially pens. Don't ask why. I have no earthly idea! But it bugs my husband to the core, Lol. Especially when I was a nurse and would always come home with extra pens in my pockets. I'm pretty sure at one point we had over a couple hundred pens in the desk drawer. Oops! For my planner, I use these Uniball SIgno pens. I bought the multicolored 8 count pack. They are AWESOME.

My planner ends December 2017, and I'm already looking at what I want to try next! This Happy Planner box set is what I'm looking at for next year. It comes with a planner that is undated and completely customizable to your liking with stickers, magnetic bookmarks, and sticky notes. Planner heaven!

What's your favorite type of planner and what do you use yours for?


As a SAHM, who is also a blogger, I need to keep my life organized. That's why I have to use a planner, even as a SAHM! #sahm #momblogger