When Mom Blogging Isn't What You Expected

When you’re getting your blog started, you see everything through the rose colored glasses of the bloggers you are following. Empty promises of great success if you just do XYZ drive you to put your all into it. But what happens when those empty promises don’t pay out? #momblogging #momblog #sahm #wahm #blogging

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Before starting your mom blog, you were super excited to dive in. Starting a blog sounded like a dream you were ready to indulge in and you read all the posts on how to get started. You saw people making thousands in their first month blogging and you were excited to get it going and make it your “side hustle”.

It all sounded great, didn’t it?

But then reality set in. You’ve been blogging for 3, 6, 12, 24+ months and you’ve yet to get a payout from any affiliate or ad service. You’ve poured your heart and soul (and countless hours every week) into your blog and feel like you have no return on your efforts.

I hear you, mama…

Mom blogging isn’t always peaches and roses

If you were told it was going to be easy to make a 5-6 figure salary in your first year, I’m sorry but you were lied to. Not to dog on some bloggers, but let’s face it. Most people have now gotten into blogging to make money.

And sometimes in the blogging world, the truth can get stretched a little (ok, a lot!) in order to get you to see the blogging world through rose colored glasses and buy an expensive course or eBook that really isn’t going to get you anywhere.

Sometimes, blogging “success” is just pure luck

Yep, I said it. I’m sure there are bloggers out there who really did seem to make money overnight with their blogs without spending 90 hours a week working on it. Many bloggers who make more than a full-time income have been at the game for a very long time. Their success came after years of having a blog, trial and error, etc.

So yes, I believe it is possible to have great success with a blog. But if you’re 3 months in and your monthly pageviews are still under 1,000, don’t think it means you are necessarily doing anything wrong. It just means your blog is new and that’s ok.

Be careful of snake oil schemes

Just about every moderate to bigger blogger out there has some sort of course or eBook that promises to help you make it big with your blog if you just follow their formula. There are definitely some good ones out there, but let’s be real. Most of them provide you with no more information than a quick Google search would get you. Except you’re now sometimes hundreds of dollars in the hole.

I’ve written about using caution when buying blogging courses before. When you’re even thinking about buying a blogging course, you have to do your research. Google this person’s blog. See what they write about and how it may or may not help you. Compare the cost of the course with others that are on the same topic.

Don’t just buy a course because your favorite blogger is promoting it. What works for some doesn’t work for others. And when you’re not really making money with your blog, spending that much money on something that doesn’t work for you is devastating.

Don’t focus on the numbers

My biggest pet peeve is when someone is trying to get advice on why their 2 week old blog is only getting 50 pageviews a day. I firmly believe it is all the blog posts out there of people promising great success right out of the shoot if you just do XYZ. It irritates me to my core.

Numbers fluctuate. Even for the big guys. I know when you see those income reports of a big blogger saying their page views went down from 350,000 to 225,000 that month, it stabs you in the heart because you only had 3,000 page views that month when you had 3,800 the month before.

Look at the big picture. Numbers are just numbers. Trudge on and keep writing and write some more. Get a blogging editorial calendar together and plan things out. Keep an eye on what may be working and what isn’t when you’re promoting your blog. But don’t check your Google Analytics 50 times a day wondering why you had 1 page view that hour and only 6 the hour before.

Remember your blogging passion

Above all, remember why you started blogging. While I know many have “to make an income” on their list, I can guarantee that it wasn’t the top reason for most people. You had something to say and you wanted to put it out there.

Don’t let the world of creating a business with your blog squelch your passion. Your blog doesn’t have to be a business and that’s ok. If you want your blog to be a business, that’s ok too. But don’t for one minute think you need to sell out and write about things that mean absolutely nothing to you in order to make a few bucks.

Mama, you do you with your blog. You can take all the Pinterest courses, SEO like no one’s business and write sponsored post after sponsored post. But if your passion isn’t being fulfilled, it’s going to be reflected in your writing. You won’t be building it and they most likely aren’t going to come. Stay true to you and what you want your blog to be.