Why Your Mom Blog Isn't Making Thousands Every Month

When you were researching starting a mom blog, you probably ran across hundreds of posts about how you could make thousands per month and replace your full time income. But it's not doing that. Find out why your mom blog isn't making thousands per month and why that's ok! #momblog #momboss #blogging #sahm #wahm

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I know how it is. You're scrolling through Pinterest trying to load up your Tailwind cue for the week and you see pin after pin after pin saying "I made $10,000 my second month blogging and you can too!", "Make 6 figures with your blog in 3 super stupid simple steps!", "Making money with your blog is easy, let me show you how!".

*Insert eye roll*

If you've seen one of those pins/posts, you know what I'm talking about. But a year or two in and little income to show, they do make you feel like you're a no good blogger that just needs to hand in your keys and peace out.

Please don't.

While yes, some bloggers *may* make those figures right out of the shoot, it is so incredibly rare that we have to drown out that noise. Most of the time, they're selling a course, ebook or the like or are an affiliate for a high priced course and really want that commission from you and 50 other bloggers.

Now, I'm not against making money with your blog or being an affiliate.

We work hard on our blogs and would like at least a little income with them. But please, fellow mom blogger, don't fall for all the hype. I remember the first blogger I found out before I started blogging was skewing her numbers, didn't disclose in her income reports it was her 7th blog (not her first like she lead a lot of people to think) and reaped the financial benefits. Not cool.


Want to know why your mom blog isn't making thousands every month 6 months in?


Because it's not the norm.


While there are outliers, even some of the more transparent bigger bloggers will upright tell you it took a lot of work, dedication, determination, testing and time to get to where they are today. Many of them have been at it for years before they start seeing more than a part-time income.

Yes, you can make money blogging. But I do think it's unfair for some bloggers to make it seem like you can quit your job tomorrow and replace your full time income in one month consistently. How much money you make depends on your niche, your technical skills, your writing skills, how well you can promote your content mixed with a little fairy dust and luck.


But please don't give up when you aren't making thousands a month when you hit your one year mark!


Full disclosure, I was ready to do just that a few months ago. My niche is a mom lifestyle blog. I mostly blog about SAHM life, all things organization and blogging. So when Pinterest made some changes a couple of months ago, many people saw a big dip in traffic.

"Ok, I can get through this" I thought.

Add in the "summer slump" and some days, I was lucky to hit 100 pageviews. One hundred! I had been at blogging for over a year and it just seemed like all was lost. My pageviews were down in the trenches, as was my income, and I felt like I may just need to stop all the work I was putting into blogging and let it go.


Our Mom Blogs are worth it, even if they aren't making thousands a month


When I got really down on myself this summer, I got a sweet email from a reader thanking me for my post on How I Sleep Trained My 15 Month Old and the subsequent ebook. Then I realized something.

I had lost the reason.

The reason I started blogging.

It wasn't for the notoriety, the paycheck or the thrill. It was to help other moms. Other moms who were struggling with things that I had struggled with as well.


Don't lose your "why"

When you get down and out because you haven't "made it big" before your one year mark, remember your "why". Remember the reason you started blogging beyond making a little money on the side.

Losing your "why" will make you fall down the rabbit hole of "I'm not good enough" and "I should just quit". You are better than that, mama. You are better.


So don't give up, mom blogger! Trudge on and remember your why! Don't let the noise of "I make oodles of money and you can too!" distract you from why you started in the first place.