You are Enough Mama



You know the day

Your threenager is causing a ruckus at every turn. Your toddler is cutting teeth and is a drooling, whiny ball of tears. Maybe you have a newborn who has colic and has been attached to you and screaming for the last 3 months and you don't remember the last time you slept for more than a couple of hours at a time.

It. Is. HARD. And exhausting. I have 2 of the 3 kiddos right now and just got my toddler (mostly) sleep trained so I'm not waking up 3+ times a night.

But what have I learned? This is just this season of life. One day, the threenager will be 30 and have his own life. The cranky toddler will be in college hundreds of miles away and I'll only see him on breaks. The colicky newborn will be self sufficient and not as apt to come to me with every single little thing in their lives. And I will miss it.

Some days I feel like if we could just get to the next step of development, things would ease up. But then when I think about it, I don't want things to ease up. Of course they are going to grow up and not always need me as much as they do now. But in reality, most days aren't terrible.

There's spur of the moment snuggles when the increasingly independent threenager crawls into my lap and wants me to just hold him. The toddler runs up, gives me a slobbery kiss, and then continues to chase his brother. We laugh. We cry. We try to live life to the fullest.


So remember mama: You are enough

There are challenging days in this season of life, as in every season of life. But they will only be this small and dependent on you for a short period of life. Hold those babies. Delay washing the dishes for a little while to play trains on the floor. Eat cold cereal and fruit for dinner every now and then so you could play outside just a little bit longer. Skip bath time and make cookies before bed. Sometimes a break from the routine can change the attitude of the house.

And remember to take care of mommy. Let dad take them on an adventure and you take a bath and a nap. Have grandparents come for the afternoon and go wander around town with your husband. Call up a girlfriend and go see a movie every now and then.


Take care of you, mama. Because you are their world. You are their mommy, teacher, friend and companion.


And you are enough

Some days, you don't always feel like you are "enough" as a mom. Just know, mama, you are enough and your work is valuable. #motherhood #sahm