Confessions of a Mom Blogger

Confessions of a Mom Blogger #momblog #blogger
Confessions of a Mom Blogger #momblog #blogger


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If you spend any time scrolling through Pinterest (just about every mom's addiction!), you will find ample happy mom blog pins. Then, there's the others. The nitty-gritty posts. The posts that you go "Oh man, that is MY life!".

Those are the ones I like to write. Because for me, they are my reality. My reality that I love my kids, being a SAHM, blogger and homeschooler, but my life is hardly ever Instagram pretty.

Mama, I am just like you. Tired, frazzled, but completely in love with these tiny little humans. I try to be transparent on my blog, but some days, there's a WHOLE lot more I could write about.

Like big brother getting in trouble for jumping off the couch and purposefully landing on his brother. Or little brother finding a marker big brother left out and coloring the grout of my tile in our den purple. PURPLE. THAT WILL NOT COME OUT. Le sigh...

Or having a pajama day and skipping our homeschool routine (like today) because a cold front is going through, dropping cold rain and winds outside.

Or like telling my kids to play nicely in their room together while mommy "gets ready". Which is code for mommy needs a minute and is going to scroll through Pinterest for 5 minutes, not really doing anything at all, just to take a breather for a second.


Being mommy 24/7 is hard

Some days, I just don't have it in me to write for the blog. Or Facebook. Instagram. Twitter, Pinterest, Google+...

Some mornings, it's hard enough to just get out of bed after having being jolted awake at 4:30am by the toddler who woke up with his foot stuck through the bars of his crib and was screaming bloody murder. Who then preceded to wake up his big brother. So mommy had to spend 30 minutes getting everyone settled and back to sleep.

I'm just not able to write as much as I would like. Because, life. I know you are supposed to be consistent and post new posts in a routine and be all over social media ALL. DAY. LONG.

But I can't. I just can't. Between being a SAHM, homeschooler, blogger, etc, some things just have to give. And usually, the blog is the first thing to slip. Because again, life.

So sometimes you don't hear from me for a few weeks and then BAM! There I am with 3 new posts in a week because the writing bug hit me.

Then other times, you open a new post and go "eh?". That's because I felt like I needed to get something out there after so long.

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I'm learning how to manage

All in all, I'm slowly getting my footing. I know I put a ton on my plate in a short amount of time. But what's most important to me is not blogging everyday.

It's those tiny little humans.

It's playing superhero, creating treasure maps and playing hide and seek. It's staying in pajama's on cold rainy days watching Curious George and snuggling with my boys.

So sometimes, you may not hear from me for a while. And other times you'd probably wish you heard a little less. Writing and creating graphics are definitely passions of mine, but being a wife and mother tops all those things.

I started out this blog at the very end of March this year and as 2017 is wrapping up, I don't regret this route one bit. There have been some quite challenging things that have gone on in my personal life. But I am starting to find myself in a new routine and letting life move along.

So even though life isn't always peaches and roses, I love sharing the good times and the failures with you other moms out there. Solidarity sisters. We can do this mom thing, and do it well, even though it can be messy and not necessarily Instagram worthy.

Has the blogging bug hit you, but you just haven't had the courage to get started??? Don't worry, I was in your exact situation at the beginning of the year. But I took the plunge, self hosted with SiteGround, and don't regret my decision one bit. Click below (I'll make a small comission if you use my link- wink, wink) to check out SiteGround and get started for less than a Starbucks coffee a month!

Web Hosting
Confessions of a Mom Blogger #momblog #blogger
Confessions of a Mom Blogger #momblog #blogger

Create Hidden Pinnable Images in WordPress



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Have you ever been scrolling through Pinterest and seen multiple images for the same blog post? As a newer blogger, are you confused as to how people are doing this when they only had one vertical image in their post? I was too, until I figured out the secret to having pinnable images on my posts without having all of them take up space in my post. Let's do this!

Disclaimer: This tutorial is created for users utilizing WordPress. The same concept will theoretically work on another platform if this code is implemented there. I only use WordPress, so use of this information on any other platform is solely the responsibility of the user/reader.

You want to create multiple images for Pinterest for each blog post. But how on earth do you do that without clogging up your post with long pinnable images? I have your solution. It's a simple code you add to your image text and bam! The image doesn't show up in the post, but it does when people try to pin from it! #bloggingtips #blogging #momblog #pinterest #pinterestmarketing


What is a "pinnable" image?

Let's start here. On Pinterest, the recommended image size is now 600px by 900px as of April 2018. 

A pinnable image is an image of at least 600x900 to be considered a "vertical image" on Pinterest. If you are apart of any group boards on Pinterest, many require that your pins are vertical images.

I use PicMonkey and Canva in order to create my pins. I like using Canva for my actual design of the pin, but I really like PicMonkey for editing my images before placing them on my pin's template. They are both excellent tools for creating your images for your blog posts.

So what's the secret?

Now on to the reason you really came here. How to create those multiple pinnable images in your blog posts without having a thousand giant images embedded in your post.

After I've created my pins, I go to my blog post and have one image as a pinnable image that will be visible in the blog post. Once I've put my visible pin on my post, I then put my images I want "hidden" at the bottom of my post while in the "Visual" tab.

Some people find it easier to put their hidden images at the top of their post so that they are easier to find when in "Text" mode. Whatever works for you.

Now for the fun part. Click on the "Text" tab right next to the "Visual" tab on your post. Find the text of your image and add the following code in front of the text: <div style="display: none;">

At the end of the image text, add the following code there: </div>

The code should now look something like this:


What now?

Once you have put in all your code for the images you want hidden, click back to the "Visual" tab and check to make sure your hidden images have "disappeared". Ta-da! That's it! Hit Publish or Update and you're done.

Now when users come to your site and try to pin from your post, these "hidden" images will appear in their images to save screen.

I hope you found this tutorial helpful! Happy Pinning!!

***Note: if you put the code in, switch back to the visual tab, and your pin is still there and not gone, you need to go back to the Text tab. Find the quotation marks in the code and delete and replace them. Sometimes, when copying the code, the quotations aren't quite right and then the code will not work.***


Why I Started a Mom Blog

You want to start a blog, but it just seems like such a daunting task. Here's why I started a blog and the reason why I chose SiteGround as my hosting company! I couldn't be happier with their customer service and ease of use! #momblogger #SiteGround

This post contains affiliate links. Please see my Disclosures page for more information.


Back at the end of March 2017, I decided to take the plunge and start a blog. I had contemplated starting one for a very long time. In the beginning, I had no earthly idea what I was doing! Now at 4 months in, I'm finally getting the hang of it and enjoying the learning process. I've been asked why I decided to start a blog and how it did it, so here it is:

I love to write and create

I've always loved writing and creating. Early on, I was definitely good at science and math, but writing and art always called to me. In college, I majored in Nursing and received my Bachelor's degree in that field.

When I transitioned to being a SAHM, life experiences were stirring in me the desire to want to write it out. I had followed numerous mom blogs for years and read many of them through Pinterest. Especially when my boys were newborns, I spent many a nighttime feeding reading every mom blog I could find pertaining to whatever issue I was having with my kiddos.

Then one day as I was scrolling through Pinterest, reading all the mom blog posts and checking out the awesome graphics, it dawned on me.

"I could do this! I'd love to do this!"

So I started reading every blog post I could find in order to prepare myself. As an avid Pinterest user, I created (a then secret) Pinterest board just for pins related to blogging and researched everything. I was pinning like crazy trying to find everything I could in order to get me started.

One evening, I talked with my husband about it and we both thought "Why not?". I could start and see how I liked it and then just move on if it wasn't for me. But before I even signed up for hosting, I knew that I was going to love it!

So, I got started with SiteGround

Web Hosting

I'm a researcher. If you need to figure something out, I can usually find something pertinent on an internet search. So I scoured the internet to find the best web hosting site I could find. Many bloggers recommend other hosting sites, but articles I was reading lead me to SiteGround.

Now, I had no idea what hosting site would be best at the time, so I looked through every single one and reading every article I could find. There were a few that didn't appeal to me right off the bat, but SiteGround seemed to keep popping up as the best in my opinion.

I had read a few blogger articles recommending SiteGround and it was their uptimes and customer service that caught my eye. I clicked through to their website from another blogger's post about starting a blog and was very impressed with what they had to offer.

Signing up with SiteGround

When you sign up with SiteGround, it comes to just $3.95/mo for 12 months when you pay for the year upfront with their Start-up Plan. If you are just starting out, I recommend starting there and then as your website grows, you can upgrade your plan. The Start-up Plan is good until you start to get 10,000 visits per month and then you will need to upgrade.

If you are looking to transfer an already existing domain, SiteGround will do a transfer for you for free! I started from scratch so I did not go this route, but I have heard from other bloggers have had great experiences with SiteGround doing their transfer for them.

My Experience So Far

As for using SiteGround, I couldn't be more pleased. They made the start up process simple and through their chat, made my initial set up a breeze.

In the almost year now that I have been blogging, they had 1 instance where the server went down momentarily (as happens with all hosting), but they fixed it promptly and my site was only down for about 20 minutes total.

As far as blogging goes, there is definitely a learning curve but I am loving it. I've always read blogs since college and REALLY depended on them for advice once my first son was born. Mom blogs were my saving grace.

So now I feel like it's my time to give back with my own blog. Hoping that something I write helps someone else just as it has done (and still does!) for me!

I have LOVED making graphics with PicMonkey and Canva. I never really looked into graphic design as a teen entering college, but it has been such a fun experience. With designing my own graphics, I've been able to let my artsy side out that was never really good at drawing even though I wanted to be.

Looking ahead

I am excited to see where this blogging journey takes me! It's been such an awesome experience so far. I hope you have enjoyed my site as much as I have and continue on this journey with me. Stay tuned for more content as my site continues to grow!