I decided to add this page in order to give you guys a look at my personal recommendations for products and services that I use in my personal life or on/related to my blog.

*Some, but not all, of the links below are affiliate links. But these are all products I highly recommend and personally use. See my Disclosures page for more information.*



Blogging Resources


Pinterest Ninja

Guys, if you really want to get serious with your blog and increase your pageviews from Pinterest, Pinterest Ninja should be first on your list! There's a lot of courses and e-books out there on blogging and how to blog, but many are just really out of reach financially with newer bloggers who aren't really making any money with their blogs. Pinterest Ninja is not only affordable, but worth every penny to me. You can see my review about it here!



I did a TON of research when I went to start my blog on what web hosting site I was going to use. Siteground, in my research and now my experience, was by far the best choice for me as a new blogger. They have incredible uptimes and their technical support is fast and easy to talk to. They respond immediately over chat and within 10 minutes if you create a ticket.



I mostly use Canva to create my blog images. Their free option has tons of resources to create awesome looking graphics and their paid subscription is $9.95 a month if you pay for a year subscription. I am still using their free version and am still very pleased.



I love using PicMonkey to edit the photos I use. It's a great tool with a lot of options. Their plans start at $5.99/month if you pay for the full year. It's an awesome site to help you create graphics you will love.



Mom Picks


Sleep Training Your Reluctant Toddler

So, I wrote a book! How I Sleep Trained My 15 Month Old is one of my most popular posts and I've gotten a ton of questions wanting more detail. So, I did just that! In the book, I go into more backstory and further detail on my step by step gentle sleep training method. If you've tried all the popular sleep training methods with no luck, you've got to check this out!


Instant Pot

Y'all... I use this thing at least 2x a week! It can be a little intimidating for those of us that remember our mom/grandma using a stovetop pressure cooker, but these are so easy to use! I bought this with money I had gotten for my birthday last year and I have loved using it! My favorite things to make in it are yogurt (which saves us a TON of money in groceries!), rice, hard boiled eggs, and quick dinners. I even have an ENTIRE Pinterest board dedicated to recipes for it. The Instant Pot works as a pressure cooker, rice cooker, slow cooker and more all in one!


Amazon Prime

Oh man... I don't know what I would do without my Prime account! On top of the free, 2-day shipping that comes in handy when I need something I can't find in stores, they offer video streaming, Kindle book lending, music, Pantry, and much more!  You get all these services for $119 a year. Definitely worth it for our family! Their Subscribe and Save program has saved me so much on wipes alone!



I love this website so much for my now 4 year old. We bought a subscription when we pulled him from daycare at two and a half. I have the app set up on my iPad and he does his "work" as he likes to call it during afternoon quiet time when little brother is taking a nap. He has learned so much from ABCmouse. It is not only fun for him, but he is able to learn a lot as well.


Plant Therapy Essential Oils

I don't know about you, but as a SAHM, I don't have a ton of money to throw around. There are a lot of essential oil companies out there and some are ridiculously expensive. I spent an exorbitant amount of time researching companies and Plant Therapy outweighed them all in my opinion. You can see my review of them here.



Check back periodically, as I will update with any other recommendations as I come across them. I hope these are helpful, thanks for stopping by!