You Are More Than “Just a SAHM”

SAHM's, remember that you are doing work at home and you are not "just" a SAHM. You are more than that. #sahm #parenting #moms

    SAHM’s, I’m going to get real here for a minute if you don’t mind. As of late, I have heard quite a few SAHM’s saying when someone asks them what they do for a living, “Oh, I’m just a SAHM!”   Stop it.   Just stop it now. […]

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To The New SAHM

    Becoming a SAHM was a hard transition for me. I understand how going from a job outside of the home to being home full time with your kids can be. If you’ve just become a SAHM and feel overwhelmed and lost, or you’re contemplating becoming a SAHM, here’s […]

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It’s Been a Rough Day

    It’s been a rough day…   I started out ready to conquer the day. To have my quiet time, get the kids fed, the house cleaned and grocery shopping done.   But it’s been a rough day.¬†   The kids started fighting over big brother’s new birthday toys […]

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Encouragement for the Introverted SAHM

When you're an introverted mom, life can be hard. But when you're introverted and stay home with your kids, things can get interesting. Here's a little encouragement for you introverted SAHM's. #introvertedmom #sahm

    I’m an Introverted SAHM I love staying home with my boys more than I ever thought I would. I left a pretty demanding job as a registered nurse in a very difficult field that I loved and didn’t know how this staying home thing was going to work. […]

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